• Company: Weathertex
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
"Weathertex cannot justify a dedicated HR/IR Manager. enableHR fills this gap brilliantly, providing online access to up-to-date employment contracts, awards, and policies for all senior managers."
Paul Michael

Weathertex: enableHR saved our business money and time

When Paul Michael bought Australian manufacturing company, Weathertex, there was no internal HR or IR function, unlike the multi-national company he had previously worked for. Due to the small size of Weathertex, Paul knew he didn’t need a full Human Resources team but he did need support for HR/IR function consulting. Every time Paul needed best-practice HR/IR advice or documentation at any point in the employment lifecycle, he would outsource to external legal teams, costing his company thousands of dollars each time. Particularly, whenever Weathertex decided to on-board a new employee, new employment contracts would need to be drawn up each time.

Paul has been a client FCB Workplace Law for employment law services and HR consulting for years. Due to Paul’s long-standing relationship with the employment law firm, when it came to his knowledge that FCB Workplace Law backed all documentation and approved best-practice processes for workflows on enableHR, he was immediately sold on the product. enableHR presented as the perfect cost-effective solution to Weathertex’s need for a compliant and reliable Human Resources Software.

Since purchasing enableHR for Weathertex, Paul has never looked back. Paul’s HRIS Software costs the same amount annually as he was paying for one employment contract from an outsourced legal firm. The time and money saved since implementing enableHR has allowed for Weathertex to continue growing without the need for an in-house HR team. With enableHR Paul can go online any time of the day and access employee records with the confidence that contracts are compliant, up-to-date and backed by specialist employment lawyers. Managers at Weathertex have enjoyed the convenience of being able to log on to enableHR platform and download employment contracts for various types of new hires. An added bonus Paul found with enableHR was access to workflows, modern awards and current WHS responsibilities at any given time.

The managers and employees at Weathertex enjoy 24/7 access to employee records with enableHR, without the need for a dedicated HR team. enableHR has put the power back in the hands of the company, allowing for self-sufficiency at every level.