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It’s nicer when systems work together.

Software that tries to do everything, for every part of a business, might do most things ok, but won’t do all of them really well. That’s why we believe the best approach for businesses is to use different best-in-class systems, each extremely good at what it does, and seamlessly integrate them using an API (Application Programming Interface) – a handy (though complex) bit of code that lets developers connect systems to share and synchronise data.

Good thing we’ve got one of those.

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Build your own integrations. Or let us build them for you.

We’ve already built integrations to some popular systems and our Open API is available free to developers, so they can build connectors between enableHR and their own software. We’re also developing connectors with other popular business systems and working on new releases of our API, to expand the range of data that can be shared so you can do more with enableHR.

If you’d like to learn more about enableHR’s API, our API release roadmap, and about building connectors, you can fall down that rabbit hole here .