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Setup & Support.

Let’s get personal.

It’s all about the experience.

We're all about making your experience of using enableHR as easy and enjoyable as possible. No submitting an impersonal enquiry form and not hearing back for days, or clicking through 20 layers of ‘we really don’t want to talk to you’ help menus: our support is locally based, friendly and only a phone call away (or you can email us and we’ll call you right back).

“enableHR is eager to understand what it takes to achieve success from each client’s own unique perspective – Our mission is to support you to achieve that success no matter how you define it! Client success goes beyond providing a good experience and this is why a change in the name of our team is so important. We have the purpose of not only providing a good experience when you interact with us, but also ensuring that you’re getting the most value from enableHR’s products and services.”

Set up your software, just the way you like it.

While enableHR works great out of the box, with many processes easily customised from within the software, every business is different and no two industries are the same.

So whether you’re starting with a blank canvas, or have been doing things a certain way for years, if you want to take customisation to the next level we can take your current (or only-dreamed-about) HR processes and digitally recreate them in enableHR. Most importantly, we’ll make sure any changes you want to make won’t increase your compliance risk.

From pre-employment documents with industry-specific licensing checklists, to custom fields to track almost anything you can think of, we can help you customise the software for your unique business so you’ll have all the information you need to be up and running, fast.