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Employee Self-Service (eSS).

Think of it as your new best friend.


Control every aspect of your employee portal and know your information is safe. We use Amazon Web Services for their speed, reliable access and industry-leading data security. With features such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), secure login, industry standard encryption and variable permissions, you have the flexibility to determine what your people can see, modify and upload.

Onboarding & Contracts.

Enjoy fast and paperless onboarding when your employees can easily view and sign employment contracts, business card requests, employee handbooks, and induction info. It’s all part of creating a great first impression that’ll boost your retention rates.

News & Alerts.

You can use eSS to send stuff too. From holiday messages to changes in company policy, safety alerts to automated reminders: communicate the things you need to say to your people, when you need to say them. You’ll know when they’ve been read, and that they won’t get lost in someone’s email inbox. eSS is like having a personal hotline to your people.

Up-to-date Records.

People move to a new house, licences expire, circumstances change. When things change, your employees can use eSS to quickly update their information, anywhere, anytime. They can even use a mobile device to snap a picture of a new licence or qualification, making the process immediate and easy.

Online Performance Reviews.

Performance reviews become way more efficient when your employees can receive, read and fill out their part of a performance review through eSS. They can add personal goals, notes, and review things like their job description and employment contract. It’ll never replace a face-to-face conversation, but eSS helps you manage the process that makes those conversations happen.

View Policies.

Support your compliant processes, and know that your company policies have been read and understood when your people can access them through eSS. Send alerts to employees when you create or update a policy, so they'll always see the latest version and can digitally sign that they've read and understood it.