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Performance Management.

Help your people do their best work.

Take the pain out of performance reviews.

However you work, you’ll be able to build a rich history of performance from day one with flexible performance reviews that’ve been carefully designed by experts. We’ve also included a set of handy tools to track everything that goes on outside the formal process. A manager and employee each fill out sections which become a combined report. Meetings can be scheduled and reviews completed anywhere, on any device, by logging into enableHR (for managers) or via the Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal. Simple.

Set your Goals.

Every business is different. That’s why we designed performance reviews that let you easily define and create your own metrics: from complex rating scales to simple, free text fields if that’s how you roll. And we’ve included a bunch of KRA’s already, in case you get stuck. With the flexibility to determine what you want to measure and how you want to measure it, you’ll have performance management that fits with the way you do business.

Create conversations.

Manage your employees in a positive, proactive way. With the powerful Notes & Reminders feature, you can add structure to what goes on between formal reviews without feeling like a micromanager. Notes & Reminders integrate with the formal process and give you the flexibility to manage your people the way YOU want to. Use Notes to capture those casual conversations, turn them into tasks (if you want), copy your people in via ESS, and set reminders to check how they’re going.

Transform your employee experience.

Open and transparent performance reviews help people feel secure and valued — that they matter. You’ll be letting your employees know where they stand, helping them grow personally and professionally, and giving them a place in which to formally express their goals and ambitions within (and outside of) the organisation. It’s the perfect way to start a conversation, and a perfect springboard to help managers step up and become leaders.

Manage poor performance.

Sometimes employees struggle. So enableHR has workflows to guide you in what to do, from simple scheduling and recording of informal and formal interviews, to creating performance management plans to help your employee get back on track. And in the unlikely event that everything you try fails and you have to part ways, you’ll have followed a fair and legally compliant process, and have all the records you need to support your decision.