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Payroll made simple for all businesses.

Payroll features

img Overview

View and filter pay runs by current or previous financial years for easy access.
Scheduled pay runs
Create scheduled or unscheduled pay runs to suit your preferred pay schedule.
Copy previous pay runs
Save time by duplicating previously filed pay runs with the same employees and pay values.
Auto-add employees & pay rates
Automatically add pre-configured employees and pay rates to your pay runs.
Auto-calculate taxes & super
Automatically calculate tax and super based on employee-specific settings.

Salary sacrifice & contributions
Adjust salary sacrifice and employer contributions for individual employees per pay run.
Create & define pay rates
Establish pay rates for various earnings types and include them in pay runs as needed.
Add notes
Attach notes to finalised pay runs and optionally print them on payslips for context.
Create and track eligible employee allowances for inclusion in pay runs.
Set eligible deductions for employees and enable or disable tax deductions as needed.
Resend payslips
Resend payslips from past pay runs upon request from employees.
Directors pay
Manage director pay requirements with tailored pay run tracking and creation.
Distribute payslips
Send payslips via email or as notifications through the Employee App.
Hourly & fixed earnings
Pay earnings hourly or at a flat rate based on business requirements.
One click STP filing
Effortlessly submit pay runs to the ATO with a single click.

img Timesheets

Complete visibility
Access and filter pay runs by current or previous financial years for full transparency.
Employee app
Invite staff to use the employee app, providing individual logins for timesheet submission and approval.
Approve submissions
Easily approve or decline employee timesheets, ensuring accuracy and up-to-date records.
Timesheet periods
Customise timesheet periods to fit any workflow, allowing employees to create and submit timesheets for various timeframes.
Fast admin time entry
Efficiently enter employee time into enableHR for without paper timesheets or emails, displaying hours or days worked per week.
Assign billable times
Enable employees to assign timesheets to customers or clients, streamlining the invoicing process for employers.

Create pay runs from timesheet entries
Effortlessly import timesheet data to create pay runs, with the option to edit if needed, saving valuable time for busy employers.

img Employees

Setup standard work hours
Establish standard work hours for employees based on pay cycles, automatically creating earnings lines in pay runs or generating timesheets.

Recurring employer liabilities
Include recurring allowances, adjustments, deductions, or expenses for employees, automatically incorporating them into the next pay run.
Setup customised pay rates
Define customised pay rates, such as commissions, lump sums, bonuses, or director fees, for each employee and include them in pay runs.

Setup pay rates for annual salaries
Select hourly, annual, or fixed pay rates to align with your business requirements.
Banking & super fund details
Allow employees to update banking and super fund details in-app, ensuring accurate electronic salary payments.
Opening balances
Efficiently define opening balances for employees from previous months within the financial year.

img Employee app

Employee details
Allow employees to view and edit personal information, contact details, banking, and super fund information.
Payslip notifications
Notify employees of new payslips via push notifications or emails, with access to all payslips through the app.
Financial summaries
Enable employees to view snapshots of earnings for current and previous financial years.
Leave requests
Facilitate leave request submissions for employees, with manager access to view, edit, decline, or approve requests.

Empower employees to create or edit timesheets in-app, request approvals, and automatically sync data to pay runs.

img Reports

Payroll activity details
Examine payroll activity breakdowns within a date range and review pay item totals for individual employees.

Payroll employee summary
Generate Payroll Employee Summary reports for insights on earnings, deductions, taxes, and super for specific date ranges.
EOFY payroll
Efficiently finalise end-of-year payrolls for individual employees or all employees simultaneously.

img Super batches

Fast payment process
Calculate and track super when recording employees pay; create super batches with payments to all funds.

Notifications & alerts
Receive upfront validation and notifications for Super Batches, ensuring the accuracy of your super data before submission.
Multiple payment options
Select from various payment options, such as EFT, BPAY, and Direct Debit, to pay your contributions conveniently.

Super clearing house integration
Integrate with Beam for automated super payments and compliant super contributions, streamlining your process.
Payment tracking
Monitor contributions with timely notifications, staying informed on payment debits, clearances, and transfers to super funds.

Secure & private
Prioritise your privacy and that of your employees with multiple layers of security to safeguard your information and data.

img Invoicing

Create & send invoices
Quickly create and send invoices from anywhere, providing clients with all necessary payment details in under a minute.

Track payments & create receipts
Track your invoice payments by automatically sending receipts, and include purchase details upon payment recording.
Personalise invoices by adding your logo, setting payment terms, and including a standard automated message for customers.

Bookkeeping already done
Seamlessly sync invoicing and payment information with Xero accounting software for efficient bookkeeping and time savings.
Customisable payment terms
Tailor payment terms to specific customers and define unique terms for each client as needed.

Generate reports
Produce reports to analyse income summaries from various customers or clients over selected time periods.

Recurring invoices (soon)
Draft and send recurring invoices automatically for regular billing with enableHR’s upcoming feature.
Send reminders
Dispatch multiple invoice reminders to customers, ensuring timely payments before due dates.
Transaction history
Access and review comprehensive customer transaction histories in a centralised location.

img Recruitment billing

Billing & commission rate
Establish distinct billing rates for individual clients, ensuring accurate and personalized invoice creation for every customer.
Quickly create hundreds of invoices based on billing periods, streamlining the invoicing process for all customers and reduce errors.
Duplicate proof
enableHR prevents you from accidentally invoicing a client twice for the same work, ensuring a hassle-free billing experience.
Bulk invoicing (soon)
Effortlessly create hundreds of invoices in seconds by defining billing periods, streamlining your invoicing for all customers.