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Health & Safety.

Create a strong safety culture.

Does Health & Safety scare you? It probably should. You can be held criminally liable if you mess up your H&S and someone is injured or killed as a result. To create safer workplaces, you need to get proactive about H&S. With enableHR you’ll have access to an advanced H&S management system where every employee takes responsibility for safety and is given the three things they need to do this: permission, the right tools and a simplified process to follow. If there’s anything that could hurt someone in your workplace, enableHR has a way of managing that information to keep your people safe.

Three modules – Lead, Manage and Engage on safety.

The intuitive ‘Lead’, ‘Manage’ and ‘Engage’ on safety workflows will ensure your business is compliant from start to finish. From setting up safety structures and laying the foundations to prevent hazards, to what to do when accidents can’t be avoided. The ‘Lead Safety’ workflows help you set up your Workplace Health and Safety system, including health and safety documentation, guides and policies. The ‘Manage Safety’ workflows handle operational safety, such as managing incidents and hazards as they’re reported or identified, periodic risk register reviews, managing an employee’s return to work as a result of an injury, and managing required health monitoring and issue resolution processes. The ‘Engage on Safety’ workflows guide you through best-practice H&S inductions, and help you engage with workers and others on safety matters.

Proactive. Real-time reporting.

Empower your managers and employees with interactive safety registers that let them identify, report and track safety in the workplace, regardless of location, free from paper-based admin and any cultural stigma around reporting incidents. When workers can instantly connect and engage on safety, in a low-key way, they’re more likely to do so – allowing you to fix issues fast.

Any size, any risk profile, anywhere.

If you’re a small or low-risk business, we’ve got you covered out of the box. If you’re a big organisation in a high-risk industry like mining, industrial or oil & gas, enableHR’s H&S solution is comprehensive and powerful enough to cover you too and work with your existing safety protocols. Being cloud-based, it lets you expand the H&S capabilities of your organisation regardless of dispersed teams and locations.

Simple to use, easy to access.

Our H&S modules are designed around compliant, best-practice processes modeled to Australian Standard AS4801 and covering regulations for every industry, State and Territory. There’s enough detail to be effective and respond to incidents immediately, without overburdening you with information – all presented in intuitive workflows that guide you at every step.

Drive action. Change attitudes.

One of the biggest challenges to an organisation when creating a strong safety culture is changing employee attitudes and behaviour. As such, we set out to create a H&S solution that drives staff to take personal responsibility for safety by making it simple and easy for them to do so. We went far beyond tick boxes and built a more meaningful way to manage safety – a system that promotes action and gives you the processes to support that action.