• Company: simPRO Software Group
  • Industry: Software
  • Location: Global
"enableHR is very user friendly, very simple to use. The visibility it provides me is awesome. It allows me to work anywhere in the world with a clear visibility of real time events and have complete control."
Aimee Simpson

simPRO fine tunes HR admin for optimal efficiency and global reach


For fast growing, job management software company, simPRO Software, hiring the right staff for the job with the right fit for the company’s culture is key to ongoing success.

Through its cloud-based software, simPRO helps trades-based businesses utilise technology to simplify business processes in order to increase productivity and boost efficiency.

With headquarters in Queensland and more than 100 employees located across their offices in Brisbane, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand; and Cambridge in the UK, the company also needs an HR department with global reach.


When Aimee Simpson joined simPRO in 2012, the company was a victim of its own rapid success. HR processes and policies had grown independently and organically, rather than by company design. Each country had its own, unique way of doing things.

Recognising this was a major impediment to future success, Ms Simpson embarked on making HR a global initiative rather than country specific function.

At this time until now the number of staff have grown by more than 55% – simPRO previously had encountered high staff turnover and low employee retention. Ms Simpson explains, “We not only needed to make sure we were hiring the right people technically for the job, but also equally important was hiring for the right cultural fit for our business. It was also important that we attracted the right people in the first place.”

As it was not uncommon for simPRO to receive up to 300 applications for a single job ad, new procedures were urgently required. The company needed to review its entire recruitment process and streamline candidate review, and interview practices, as well as other pre-employment procedures.

While Ms Simpson set about reviewing and unifying simPRO’s disparate HR practices, and developing a consistent process that could work seamlessly in each country, she also identified the need for an HR tool that would give her the ability to manage day-to-day HR admin on any device, anywhere at any time.

Recognising enableHR as a perfect tool to complement simPRO’s business in terms of providing the HR function with the sort of efficiency gains that simPRO provides business owners in the form of enhancing overall business productivity and efficiency, Ms Simpson put enableHR to the test.

Benefits of enableHR

First up, Ms Simpson discovered enableHR’s employment management tools. Although she had set up rigorous checklists for on-boarding and terminating employment at simPRO, with enableHR, the company now has an automated process. This includes step-by-step workflows for managing employees and contractors through each stage of the employment/contractor lifecycle. “With something that needs to be done correctly such as ending employment, enableHR has made it really straightforward. I just follow the workflow which ensures everything is compliant. Nothing gets left out.”

Ms Simpson’s team has started to refresh simPRO’s HR policies in line with the current guidelines available on enableHR and the company has set up the WHS module to manage hazards and provide WHS incident reporting.

The WHS Committee has overall visibility to the WHS module which ensures accountability of the WHS in the company is not only on the HR Team but throughout the company globally.

But for simPRO, enableHR is much more than practical employment management workflows and up-to-date HR policies, as Ms Simpson makes clear, “The really beautiful thing is that I can be in the UK and on-board someone straight away. Which is great. We used to have a local server and my team used to have to flick me through files at night. Now it’s immediate and at my fingertips.”

“enableHR has reduced our risk.”

While Ms Simpson continues to oversee the overall Human Resources and Client Services strategy and operations at simPRO, People Managers have been empowered to manage the day-to-day HR needs of their team and are responsible for recording notes such as absences and any key conversations. Ms Simpson explains, “If someone wants information about leave entitlements, like long service leave, they can access this information immediately and update it when required. enableHR is a one stop shop. You don’t realise how much you need it until you really do need it.”

Favourite Features

“I love the accessability, 24/7, globally; but my main thing is reporting,” enthuses Ms Simpson. Visual dashboards provide high level and drill down reporting of all actions completed through enableHR. “I’m always interested in a lot more reporting, particularly all those little things like annual leave, sick days taken, absenteeism, and so on. From here good sound decisions can be made based on facts and trends.”

Future plans

With new product launches on the horizon in addition to plans to enter the US market, it’s important for the HR team to have access to simPRO’s HR data, anywhere, anytime, anyplace. “With recruitment, the team here can be closely involved to ensure the right cultural fit for the business and to ensure that our HR processes in all markets are handled deftly and consistently to minimise any problems down the track.”