By Lauren Stariha

Acknowledging that today’s workforce challenges are complicated and require something extra from employers is something businesses need to reckon with as employees across the globe begin rethinking their lives with work at the top of the list.

According to PwC’s, Asia Pacific Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey, the balance of power between workers and their employers is shifting. Talent moving at a pace never seen before, and with one in five workers intending to switch to a new employer in the next 12 months, it should be a wake-up call for businesses across the Asia Pacific region to understand and meet the expectations of employees.

It’s a common misconception that pay drives performance retention, however, results have shown that it’s more complicated than that. People leave their bosses; they search for better workplace culture, jobs closer to home, and places where they can see their careers growing.

It’s no longer enough to just raise wages to retain and attract talent, so how can your business preserve the talent it’s already got?

Today’s workforce contains four different generations, each with their own perceptions, expectations, and demands of their employers. It’s up to businesses to understand the wide range of employee expectations that exist, and a signal that it’s time to deal with the challenges skills and talent shortages have presented.

1. What’s your plan?

Job mobility has moved a long way from the job-for-life expectation that has existed in the past, with Australia’s national average tenure at a job currently 3.3 years. Many employees are looking to achieve short-to-medium-term career plans but also expect employers to invest in their skills development. And this is where businesses need to shift gears and prioritise the upskilling of staff not just in ways that are necessary for their roles but in ways that are mutually beneficial for the employee and the business.

2. Are you embracing flexibility and building trust?

Flexible working arrangements are here to stay, and with recent legislation changes making it easier for employees to request this, it’s safe to say that hybrid working is now the norm. Taking extra steps to empower your workers will not only influence the way they work but also resonate better with them, especially with employees who have gained in-demand skills. Understanding the preferences of your staff when it comes to how they work and giving them a say in what their roles look like is the first step to building a culture of trust and embracing the benefits flexibility can bring your business and your workforce.

3. Creating and maintaining a sense of purpose

Did you know that 64 per cent of employees want work that provides a sense of fulfilment and meaning? Giving your staff greater clarity about how your organisation aligns with their own values will help create a sense of fulfilment and meaning amongst your employees and can translate into bettering your overall competitive advantage. An incredibly powerful way to nurture the feelings of meaningful and fulfilling work is to create a clear link between what people do every day in their roles and broader societal purpose.

While other things like cybersecurity, climate change, and social inequality are also demanding attention from business leaders, attracting, and retaining talent must be a priority for employers if companies are to find continued success and growth.

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Lauren Stariha is a copywriter at FCB (enableHR’s sister company). She is responsible for creating engaging and meaningful content across various brands from eBooks and email campaigns to blogs and multiple social media channels.