If you work in HR or own a small business, your HR software can offer lots of time-saving hacks to free up your schedule. And if you’re not already using HR software, now’s the time to think about getting some to automate your day-to-day, so you can focus on building your culture and growing your business.

8 Ways your HR software saves you time:  

  1. Automate your Reminders & Alerts

Some HR software lets you set reminders and alerts within the system. This way you don’t need to remember when to update files, chase up documentation or ask employees to renew their training or development. Take time at the beginning of the year to schedule in reminders, then set-and-forget for the rest of the year!

  1. Going mobile

Cloud-based HRIS systems allow you to login to your account remotely from your smart phone or remote computer. Logging in on your phone or tablet when you’re away from your desk, lets you check employee records, update files and check pay rates on the fly, saving you the time and effort of running back and forth to your desk!

  1. Less paperwork

No one likes paperwork. But luckily, in the digital world we live in today, paperwork is becoming less of a problem. HR is no different. Perhaps the biggest time-saver with HR software is the decrease in the amount of paperwork. All employee contracts, records, agreements and qualifications can be stored on the cloud, and some HR software lets you digitally sign documents, so you no longer need to print them out for this purpose.

  1. No more double handling

More sophisticated HR systems, like enableHR, will typically have a Self-Service feature, which allows employees access to their own account where they can respond to alerts and messages, and upload and update their own information. This saves employees filling out forms with all their details and you having to convert that information into files on your computer. Eliminate the double-handling, so you can kick double the goals!

  1. Accelerate Your On-Boarding

On-Boarding employees is a lengthy process. From recruiting to filling out paperwork on the first day, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Speed up your process and have your new hires accept employment offers, fill out their details and upload their qualifications through the cloud. Gone are the days of faxing employment agreements back and forth! (Remember fax machines?)

  1. Share the burden

Lighten your load by empowering managers to perform HR tasks using HR software. Giving your managers access will allow them to independently look up correct procedures, update information and check pay rates. No more managers barging into your office with questions or filling your inbox with inquiries!

  1. Better HR compliance

Fewer compliance issues means more time for you! Think of the amount of time saved from having a library full of termination letters, employment agreements and warning letters that you KNOW are compliant and updated with the latest changes in legislation. You’ll be dusting off those business projects you shelved for lack of time.

Tip: your compliance will only be as good as the legal IP behind your software. Choose an HR Software that comes from, or is associated with, a reputable law firm that continually updates it to match changes in the law. For example, all of enableHR’s content is drafted and maintained by leading employment law firm, FCB Group. 

  1. Use the Document Templates

Say goodbye to drafting employment contracts, warning letters or termination letters. Download customisable document templates from your HR software and see how much time you save!