A quick summary of the important changes to JobKeeper 2.0 that take effect from 28 September 2020:

1. Employers get split into categories

From 28 September 2020 employers who have been enrolled in the JobKeeper scheme will be split into two broad categories:

Qualifying Employers (Employers who are eligible for JobKeeper payments after 28 September 2020)


Legacy Employers (Employers who received JobKeeper payments prior to 28 September 2020, but who no longer qualify for payments after 28 September 2020)

2. Changes to the Directions that can be issued to employees

From 28 September 2020, Qualifying and Legacy Employers can continue to issue JobKeeper-enabling directions/requests to employees to:

  • undertake alternative duties;
  • work at an alternative location;
  • work reduced hours or days; or
  • work different days/times to their ordinary hours.

Legacy Employers, however, cannot request employees to work less than two consecutive hours in a day and cannot reduce employee’s hours below 60% of their ordinary hours of work.

3. Changes in requests to take annual leave

Under JobKeeper 2.0, both Qualifying and Legacy Employers can no longer direct employees to take annual leave, and any leave requests made by employers under JobKeeper 1.0 will cease to have an effect on 28 September.

4. Consultation obligations change

Directions that are in place by Qualifying Employers on 27 September 2020 will automatically roll over unless the direction ceases or is replaced. To implement a new direction, Qualifying Employers must continue to notify employees in writing at least 3 days before a JobKeeper direction is issued (unless the employee agrees to a lesser period).

Legacy Employers must give employees 7 days written notice before issuing a direction. If a legacy employer currently has a direction in place, this will automatically cease from 28 September 2020 and legacy employers must provide 7 days written notice before they can re-issue a JobKeeper direction/request.

In preparation for JobKeeper 2.0, we’ve uploaded new template documents to enableHR, for both Qualifying and Legacy Employers. These templates can be used to issue directions/requests to employees under JobKeeper 2.0.

If you’re not yet a client and have any questions about how enableHR could help you and your business, please get in touch.