As of 6:00 pm on Friday 15 October 2021, the southern regions of Tasmania will be entering a three-day lockdown until 6:00 pm Monday 18 October 2021 after a COVID-positive traveller reportedly fled hotel quarantine to visit a supermarket in North Hobart.

The snap lockdown applies to the Local Government Areas of Brighton, Central Highlands, Clarence City, Derwent Valley, Glamorgan-Spring Bay, Glenorchy, Hobart City, Huon Valley, Kingborough, Sorell, Southern Midlands and Tasman.

Residents of these LGAs may only leave their residence for seven permitted reasons, including:

  1. Attending medical or health care appointments, including to receive a COVID-19 vaccine or test
  2. Shopping for urgent household supplies within five kilometers of their home. Only one person from each household may shop for urgent supplies at any one time
  3. Working as a permitted worker – if working for a business that is permitted to operate and they are unable to work from home
  4. Attending school – if the child of a permitted worker, or if unable to learn at home, or going to child care
  5. Caring for a vulnerable person or for other compassionate reasons
  6. Exercising outdoors within five kilometres of their home for up to two hours, once per day
  7. In the case of emergency or family violence

Businesses that are permitted to operate and cannot provide alternative working arrangements to staff may continue to open, however, they must impose social distancing and hygiene practices, and ensure all staff are wearing a face mask.

Entering and exiting the lockdown in southern Tasmania is prohibited without a permitted reason.

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